63 Fresh Produce Purveyors purposes of stimulating supply and demand and providing the best possible quality product to end consumers.

In a world with limited natural resources and a growing population, 63 Fresh Produce Purveyors aims to play a leading role in supplying first-rate products, providing first-class service and developing the most efficient and sustainable fresh produce solutions, in close cooperation with its customers and suppliers.


At 63 Fresh, we cut out the middle-man and provide fresh goods straight from the farmer to the shop. This means that our products are always fresh, always organic and always of the best quality.



We have a vast variety , but  will go out of our way to provide our clients with specific products that they request. We value safe and sustainable produce to benefit farmers and consumers throughout the world.



Veggies provide nutrients that are vital for good health. That is why we have such an extended range. Our products come directly from the farm and we skip the middleman. Therefore, our produce have a longer shelf life.



We offer a selection of organic foods, groceries and natural products to complete our healthy range. Our dates and coconuts meet all food safety standards and we guarantee quality products.



We have a wide selection of our own grown fresh herbs that are perfect for cooking. Like virtually all leafy green plants, herbs are extremely nutritious and are a vital part of any good dish.

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